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Tall France guy looking for all types

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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Genetic make-up of France. France is an ethnically complex country.

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It is the largest country in Europe. It has been settled or invaded by all the great cultures of Europe: Furthermore, it is usually accepted that northern France is closer both culturally and ethnically Tall France guy looking for all types northern Europe, while the southern part of the country is typex more southern European in every respect.

But things get even more complicated once we try Tal, divide France by region according to how people look, or what DNA tests tell us. There is no clear divide between all the peoples that have settled in France in history.

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The easiest group to spot are the Basques, around the western Pyrenees, who have managed to keep a strong cultural identity of their own. The Bretons are often considered to be the last "Celts" in France. Although they may be the last to speak a Celtic language, genetically they are far from being outsiders like yypes Basques.

In fact, most of France used to be Celtic years ago, and Celtic genes can still be found in most of the country. The most "Celtic" parts of France are the remotest ones, deep Tall France guy looking for all types the mountains of the Massif Central, especially in Auvergne and the Cevennes. Brittany is in fact less genuinely Celtic due to the influx of Germanic people from Normandy or Britain. Normandy, Picardy, Champagne, Lorraine and Alsace have all a lot of Germanic blood, although mixed with indigenous Celtic one.

The Mediterranean coast of France was settled very early by the Greeks, who founded such cities as Nice, Marseilles or Montpellier. This was also the first region of France to a,l under Roman domination, and to be heavily settled by Roman people.

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Consequently, most of the people from the Languedoc to the Provence are closer to central Italians and Greeks than to central and northern French people. But the most surprising of all is to find people Tall girl seeking friendshipfun look typically Mediterranean as far north as the Loire Valley, in the traditional provinces of Poitou, Anjou, Tourraine and Berry.

This appears to be another region of France heavily settled by the Romans. Tests of the Y-chromosome have shown so far although at an early stage of research that a lot of people in this region indeed belonged to haplogroup J2, typical of Greco-Roman people.

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Here is a map of the ethnic division of France inspired by Prof. Names of traditional provinces as well as typfs few key cities were added for an increased visibility. And please don't say America. Whatever ethnic mix my Euro ancestors brought to the US got passed on to me.

So realistically Europeans are no older than Americans, Canadians, Australians, etc. You Euros just think you are more diverse than everyone else. Well sure France is big.

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It has been settled or invaded by all the great cultures of Europe. Originally Posted by WickedOne.

Originally Posted by Maciamo. Originally Posted by billthebutcher.

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But please beware of inconsistencies made by Talll and historians. Feance say the most Celtic part of France is the "Central zone". These people are known Tall France guy looking for all types their tallness, long heads and light to moderate pigmentations. Many French people from central zones are short, round headed and dark and are perfect examples of the Alpine race which emerged through reduction of large headed, tall Cro-Magnoids. The pictures you've posted from France are good examples of Celts this journalist and of course Laetitia Casta, fair hair, fair skin, prominent nose.

Germanics invaded the territory.

Oliver Kahn from Karlsruhe is a stereotypical German, indeed. However, these Celts have expanded and settled in many areas of France as well.

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I noticed that some people but not all in the isolated Auvergne and Cevennes regions of south-central France had quite Celtic features long head, fair hair, tall stature. The Celts' preference for hilly areas to built oppida may explain aol pockets of Celtic lineages survived to this day with minimum intermingling with the darker-haired, rounder-faced and shorter Alpine or Mediterranean types.

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I am looking forward to the Y-DNA analysis of remote regions of France to confirm or disprove this theory. Originally Posted by Derek Knatchbull. Paris is not really northern.

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For me northern France is any north of Paris. Originally Posted by carpathia.

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Originally Posted by Smertrius. From what i saw on tv during the Dacia-Renault strikes in Romania, it seems that romanians fit better your description than the French and i'm living in rypes southern coast. But those who are, are really different from the common stereotype the americans have about us.

Last edited by Smertrius; at What happened to Smertrius' last two posts? The only Tall France guy looking for all types i have to say is that the "real" french are the ones who still live in the remote countrysides. The rest of the country has seen so many waves of internal or foreign migrations that it is no more representative of anything today. The only thing i have to say is dor the "real" french are the ones who still live in the countryside.

The cities have seen so many waves of internal or foreign migrations that they are no more significative of anything today. What constituents make up the Anatolian admixture? By Benkimim in forum Opinions.

But the most surprising of all is to find people who look typically Names of traditional provinces as well as a few key cities were added for an increased visibility. . France had quite Celtic features (long head, fair hair, tall stature). . today, of all aluit/'eskimos' still living in tribal villages, 85% of their men. After all, the human race has been getting steadily taller and larger for the past century, so we may as well look good while we're at it. . brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Cheap Monday, Puma and French Connection. It offers four general styles – Original, Straight, Athletic and Shrink to Fit – with each. We don't all look like Diane Kruger. Diane Kruger Photo: DPA. Germans are not all tall, blonde and blue-eyed like Claudia Schiffer and Diane But don't we have a great variety of different types of women and men in Germany? Germany as Brexit looms · Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld cremated in France.

The time now is Benelux Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands. Britain England Scotland Wales.