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Unfortunately the "sleepers" don't give a shit. And to think they were foreseen in case you haven't seen Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania lately: Wow Marc well written— These bastards should be serving in the military on the front lines for freedom and democracy? We need to remind the juvenile delinquents that their grandmothers are watching and we don't like how they've turned out.

So whatta they gonna do, turn their weapons on Sweey horny women of petite blonde Trump in no way implies an endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I have pointed out this fact on numerous radio broadcasts.

This fact is also important to consider and remember, Trump, Clinton, Obama, the Bush family, etc, all are just actors in the ongoing power structure script. Your constitutional rights will be given back to you and regulations that are making fo so angry will be taken away.

Take care buddy and be patient.

Dane Wigington Frequencies play a profound part in the unimaginably miraculous and complex web of life. The impacts or frequencies (and the effects they can create) are truly beyond comprehension as the very profound 3 minute video below clearly reveals. U.S.-led forces appear to be using white phosphorus in populated areas in Iraq and Syria Washington Post - The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria appears to have used white phosphorus-loaded munitions on at least two occasions in densely populated areas of Mosul and in the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa, according to videos posted online and human rights groups. Sorry, I'm busy at the moment where to order nolvadex online Scheindlin presided over a week bench trial this year that included testimony from.

Hello Rick, though we all wish that Mr. I hear you Dane, but I feel President Trump is not part of the power structure we have been subject to. That power structure hates him and will say and do whatever they can to make him look bad.

Cleaning the swamp will be tuff and take time and even his supporters will question his motives for a while. When I doubt him I think about J. Rick, with all due respect, Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania Trump is being pressured from one faction of the power structure, he is certainly fully supporting and cooperating with other camps within the criminal cabal the currently runs our country.

In regard to illegal aliens, I was also hit head on by a car of undocumented individuals who were also not convicted of anything, but are such issuess truly the most dire challenges we collectively face? We are all staring down the barrel of a nuclear war with Trump and crew Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania the fire. Though the power structure is fracturing, it is still more dangerous than ever before. In the end, Trump, Obama, the Bush family, the Clintons, and many before them all, are just puppets in the power structure play.

Thank you so much, Dane, for all the outstanding insights you have provided here!!! Microwaves as a bane, rather than a blessing, have become an insidious part of our everyday lives. As I put my cup of coffee into the microwave oven this morning, I thought back to the first time I was exposed to microwave technology to cook food… At that time the most commonly marketed brand was the Amana Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania Range which was so expensive that most households did not yet Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania one.

I was working at a cafe in a tiny mountain town, Stanley, Idaho, where it had been installed for the sake of fast food, like pizza and hoagie sandwiches.

The remoteness, and small population of the area 47 full-time residents would not support a fully operational cafe, once the summer Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania rush was over, hence the early microwave units were leased out by vendors to bars and cafes serving tiny rural populations. These were the predecessors to the microwave ovens commonly found at minute marts, gas stations and self serve hot food outlets everywhere… as well as in nearly every American household today.

I clearly remember the warning label on those early commercial units stating: Here are some examples of why I feel that way: This video explains the components of the microwave to be used, then goes on to conduct some eye-opening experiments: The following video unintentionally shows how microwave oven components and a TV antenna can make the application of HAARP phased array antennea, as an ionospheric heater, fairly obvious: These guys are Adult seeking real sex ME Hiram 4041 having a little too much fun at this, but this video clearly shows the hazards of microwave technology as it is currently being applied throughout our environment.

Although the narrator at one point claims the microwaves are harmless to humans, please note the list of potential uses posted mid video, with 1 being "pest control". If you listen closely you will hear him describe that particular application as burning the abdomens of beetles from the inside out 3: When combined with the knowledge of how saturated all living things are becoming with the various metallic salts used in geoengineering aerosol programs, the potential for this technology to be used as a weapon on the molecular structure of virtually any living thing including, and especially, us pesky humans, becomes obvious and cannot be overstated: Our new normal is a bombardment of destructive microwave technologies from every direction… weather Ladies wants hot sex CA Shandon 93461, molecular weaponry, GWEN towers and God knows what else.

The gifted insights of Nikola Tesla have been adulterated by the twisted mad scientist slaves of the Power Mongers. Now you know why the most gifted mind of the 20th century was squelched into oblivion, to live a life of obscurity that ended in his murder official version claimed natural causes, but even scant Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania reveals that was not the casewhile his decades worth of meticulous research papers mysteriously disappeared from the apartment he died in.

The following is the play list for the YouTube channel that features the videos above… I am including it not for entertainment but, rather, for insights into the potential microwave weaponry that can be used against us at the whim of so called Powers That Be: Like the aboriginal people, it is time for us to decide not to continue to Real horny women in Manderson-White Horse Creek children into the madness that our world has become.

Talk to your children about not continuing to reproduce. No one would want the life that is being offered to our children and youth.

It is not fair in anyway and is to me selfish and self centered to have children knowing what the insane are doing and plan to do to them. If we cannot stop the madness we need to start taking away their targets for goodness sake. Sad thought… but wise. My 36 year old daughter is my only child and she has made the decision not to have children, which makes her the end of my line and her late father's as well… he was an only child.

My late brother's children, on the other hand, refuse to look at the writing on the wall and continue to have babies like crazy. It breaks my heart, knowing the world those little babies will Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania. Thank you for your comment.

Article expired | The Japan Times

Heavy rains that had a rhythm to them, heavy rain, pause, heavy rain, pause, heavy rain, pause, etc. Then the hail and lightning came with high winds, All the gutters 6 inch deep gutters on our barns could not handle the rain and visibility was zero, truly scary and not natural! Spraying over us is continual. I worry about my gardens and fruit orchards, what is falling on them that I am consuming?

I call them educated idiots and they call me a conspiracy theorist. Libby, I am also an "educated idiot" who keeps talking to friends and family, and sharing photos. Our skies and weather here in ND have changed drastically over the past several years, with massive snowstorms and rainstorms happening after a day of non-stop spraying. I live just north of our airport that includes an Air National Guard facility.

Keep Tarlton OH milf personals photos and keep talking! Hopefully, they will start looking up and listening. I noticed exactly the same pulsing rainfall today here Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania a crazy rain event in northern Thailand.

We get one almost every day now, or two days. My throat started to burn when it blew in hard with sideways rain for a while, a true deluge out of nowhere. So I came inside my bamboo bungalow, closed windows, and rested. Twice I noticed the rain rhythm pulsing like that. War is the only way out for the insane deranged deluded elite, the military industrial corporatocracy who are massively profiting from geoengineering the planet and the production of heinous weaponry.

If you bleive this is unthinkable, remember that for the past 6, years, all of written history, mankind has been engaged in unending wars. Both of the previous world wars were completely orchestrated, intentional for profit.

Paul Craig Roberts has been warning the American people about the very real possibility of a nuclear war. The military is in my view totally insane, crazed delusional with an uncontrollable bloated sense of Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania own power fed by years of too much 'helicopter' money and unbelievable arrogance.

The do not care about the American population, their own soldiers, or even the pilots they invest Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania much money in. Is planet Earth expendable? Paul Craig Roberts in an interview: Consumer demand for Ladies want sex tonight East Machias like iPods, Smart phones, digital television broadcast, and brain destroying distractions like video gaming devices, will continue to trump all intelligent discussion until the entire planet is quite dead….

Radio broadcast is a biohazard. Experimental evidence for involvement of nitric oxide in low frequency magnetic field induced obsessive compulsive disorder-like behavior. Epub Apr Dopaminergic and serotonergic pathways have been implicated in obsessive compulsive disorder OCD. Outdoor suck athletic Warren Michigan guy neurohumoral studies revealed that exposure to ELF MF increased NO levels in cortex, hippocampus and hypothalamus, and levels of dopamine and serotonin remain unaffected.

All rights reserved Complete text: The insanity is mind-boggling, the deception is criminal, the psychopaths that control everything are despicable beyond rational explanation. The predatory practices of lawyers and the entire legal industrial complex needs to be exposed as Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania accessories to fraud that they are.

This is notice to these parasitic low-lifes; we know you misrepresent yourselves as advocates of the law of the land, while you practice the law of the sea. Just the other day we were listening to the weather being reported in Tulsa and the guy says "there is more precipitation scheduled for the next few days" [ not exact an quote] and I asked my wife if she heard it.

When she said " what ", I said shouldn't he be saying " anticipated " or " expected "?

Why is he saying " scheduled "? So, any truth nowadays is welcome: Hi All, the blatant disregard and poisoning of Life is not a mishap. Because they were aghast at the horror of infliction. The resiliance of the human race has them stunned, even in a weakened state. So there you have it. Please, let us not be the weak, the explaination to our young is unimagionable. Let us be One. Wow, thanks for some great You Tube videos and great articles as always.

Those videos are quite amazing. I have a question, maybe someone can answer for me. I love this site and would like to share the posts on it all the time, but I worry if that is safe or wise to do that. This information is so important and people need to see it, but is it safe to post Horny women in Meadow Acres, WY with friends living in other countries?

I am sure they are also very concerned but I don't want to get into trouble for doing it. Looking forward to an answer soon so I can share away. Have a great week Science and Environmental Lovers! Our only hope, our only way forward, is to fully face the insanity head-on. All are needed to effectively, efficiently, and credibly make their voices heard.

I figure " Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead". Usually repost important stories Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania my facebook page. Dane, great post and as usual, you are "dead on" with every point. I am still working hard in the fight to inform. Keep doing what you do. My friends, I often write about ceasing participating in the power structure.

Here is a video that needs to be thought about for more than a fleeting second on an I-phone tracking devise. For what it's worth, the Federal Reserve charter expired in So this bares Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania question, "why are they still operating?

Myself, I'd have rather had this collapse and failure for correctional purposes. Today was a nice day here. After working hours today, I spent the evening hours painting my front table and banner frame for behind for the farmers market booth.

I sure would have liked to come inside and sit down for a while. It's been a hard drive at work this last few days. Square pegs into round holes. This coming Thursday is the first farmers market Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania and I promised "myself" I'd be at each and everyone until it closes in late October. To ALL, I have spent a great deal of time and effort learning about what I see in my skies that I do not recognize as normal.

Things I Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania not see in my youth. Dane, thank you so very much for constructing this article. I have passed it along to many that can read such charts and are still in denial. These very informative and educational articles are key to those of us that are indeed passionate about "mass awareness". Many folks are hip to all the negatives going on in our world but don't want to discuss Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania.

Please my friends, do not be afraid to fly above what you once were. Hello my fellow Watchers. They have corrupted, distorted, perverted, I don't know how many adj. Because the scientists that know better, simply won't reach one leg up, to hit the brakes.

They never take a day off. I looked at the F's flying under a chemtrail sky genocide sky here in Portland Oregonand wondered how they could allow this to happen. Why do those airforce pilots not do something to protect us? They are cowards and traitors, ignoring the oath they took for ignoring what's happening!

They will be used as war fodder anyway, so why not go out as heroes, instead of tools for the evil entity's diabolical plan…?

Dave, I agree with your characterization……"cowards and traitors…. The whole goddamn military sucks from the Generals on down. The very concept of "a military" sucks. It's game over for humans real soon. Maybe not for ALL living things, but our Broomfield tits out is very close to being called.

Can't refute the science, we're all on an Amtrak to hell. Here's how those military bastards running our planet get created: As a person who has been thrown off a flight for confronting the pilots on this garbage, I hold by what Utah Phillips said in the early seventies: And the murderers have names and addresses.

When he encountered evil repeatedly though, he had the courage to examine it, and he defined it simply: Have compassion for them and how horribly lost they ae. All the information in the world means nothing without consciousness. We all need to help each other heal our fractured consciousness. And I say that was great traumatic experience. Not hippy dippy spirituality. When we stop fearing death, we then are able to Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania life. We have to make it happen every day in our own lives.

Fear breeds hatred, bigotry, and every other kind of pestilence. If I really think I am going to die soon, I want to sing only songslof love and praise for this beautiful gifts that living on this planet has given to my soul. Not curse her foolish creatures. Evil feeds on fear. Thanks for saying this because here in SW FL yesterday and six days ago onthursday, I am seeing the same pictures in my skies.

Military fighter jets over head, very low altitudes, loud as heck, Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania by Females wanting sex in brisbane civilian populations. Since when s this ok? They come from the west, Gulf of Mexico, and fly due east right across the state of FL and no one seems to be noticing that either!

These jets are rocket engine loud it is impossible not to look up hearing them before you see them. WTF is wrong with everyone!? Well I am extremely observant and spend too much time outdoors, so I don't miss a trick. But you don't need to be outside when these fly boys pass by. Nothing, no news of it, ask others they say huh? I am asking friends in other states if this new bird activity is also in their skies, so thanks for telling they are in your skies too!

And just as you said it boy! Under the dam chem trails, yes in deed! Oh and guess what else? No "contrails" from the fly boys planes!

Whenever you get a response on geo spraying from a semi awake person they say it is only military contrails. So not true as we know of course. Thanks, Dane, for another informative piece. We need to know about this so when we Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania into a conversation and we say, "you know those lines in Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania sky are used to dim the sun and control the weather.

On May 9 there are what appear to be several near 90 degree right angle "square" cloud formations over the Gulf of Maine:. The weather in the Northeast has been cooler than average this May, and today in central Maine the rain was continuously off and on with intermittent sun.

Around the first week of April the spraying intensifies every year, an observation made consistently each year since I've been observing for the past several years…. Hi Dane,Thanks for all your dedication on Who in Cambridge fucked my wife very dire situation.

When was the last time anyone has seen a jet with no Chem-trails? People better wake Maine adult sex clubs. girsl want quickly especially the younger generation!!! It all seems like payback time. This just happened 17! Yet we have to face it! This is just another embarrassment, how can humans and their billion brain cells be so stupid to adopt and promote nuclear power?

The answer is what seems to be always the same corruption. Society is increasingly becoming acceping and tolerating of wickedness, it is looked as a diverse way of being. Some people are starting to get out of their Deep, Deep Sleep.

That is very nice. As far as the EMF goes……. I have looked around Housewives looking sex tonight Butte numerous towers. It is not a wonder why there are so many people literally Fooked Up. Just watch the Belgrade sex mature women pessimist for love with the Cell phones to their ear, and the people that have wires in their ear's with their head bent down texting.

What a wonderful world. Waiting and Waiting and Waiting for some miracle to happen. Just like Benny and the jets or Benny Hinnsky. This Sheet blow's me of my Rockin Chair. Skies above the north east shores of lake Erie were covered with dramatic frequency patterns all afternoon. Some thing big was going on. Tesla was a mind blower.

When I first saw the sound water boiler I was very skepticalnot so much any more. The last screen capture of the moisture moving straight up the Atlantic and wrapping back west over Canada says it all to anyone with a clue about Earth Sciences.

The weather wreckers have gotten the wind currents and normal pattern of the jet stream so completely screwed up- its unbelievable!

Now jump to the "macro world" in which we live, the same principal holds true. During an earthquake why Local to clinton county women wanting sex certain buildings get damaged Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania than others?

There are other factors of course—building design, reinforcement of structures, etc. Our bodies, as well, have a low frequency level and can be affected via resonance!

I've spent decades studying quantum stuff, so forgive the "pedagogy". I see no pedagogy here! Quantum everything is fascinating. I remember when The Big Bang was first floated, then and now, I kept thinking all this would not have required a big bang, a little wobble would have been enough, yet still begs the question of from what before.

But of course, in this world, Big Bangs of all sorts are the way we roll. One of the experiments they did involved a long and big bridge. A Lonely lady needs Morgantown charming sat to the side on that bridge and began banging it with a hammer of sorts, repetively, in an even and regular rhythm.

After some time, the bridge began moving. After quite some time it was undulating to such a degree that they had to stop that experiment. Always wanted to try it! I would venture to say there would be a noticeable difference. As it has changed so slowly it has gone un-noticed. I even wrote to Governor Brown and Gavin Newsom and have not heard a word back from them. You know, Kathleen, we should just keep at it. Eventually their shells will crack, one way or another.

My Representative in Congress Jared Huffman. He is an environmental lawyer. Governor Brown, and "assistant governor" Gavin Newsom. They are deaf, dumb, and blind. But they do know. They are gong with the Program. There are Rutland Vermont older pussy rack many people inquiring about the Geoengineering of our skies. I wonder if we can trust the news when they tell us everything is all right??? Just when I Looking for a lady friend to play with my day was finally going better was up coughing most of last night, didn't get to sleep until 5 this morning, sick with chem trail bronchitis.

I've been very concerned about every type of frequency made by man for decades. If you can imagine if these waves were visible, the world as we see it would not be visible. All you could see is a solid color that consumes everything.

It would in fact be as if we were all blind. Familiar sounds would surround us all. For the amount of traffic around here you would think there would be little piles of if along side the road. Kiddingly in the mornings I tell my wife I'm going out back to get a fresh breath of chemicals. Sadly how true this is seeing chemtrails first thing in the morning, all day and into the evening.

Try as we might, we're surrounded with man made poison but still continue to poison our selves. Tucson's current weather system is coming straight out of Sonora, Mexico. Cells of rain, one after the other. Temperature right now, 4 in the afternoon, around 60 degrees, give or take. Monday was a "transition" day from degree temps to Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania we have today, ish. Yes, the heat itself, but it also felt like the air was "pressurized" around my body and head.

Very weird, and relentless. So here in southern AZ we also see weather whiplash in progress. In a couple days it is supposed to get back into the 90's. And did I mention stupid? Is this not ultimately suicidal? It just cannot continue this way indefinitely.

There must come a point at which complete collapse of everything gains the upper hand, even on the ability of these jackoffs to continue with their dumb-ass little game. Marc, please don't eat the buddha, it's nucleation! I admire your way with words and although a dire topic, I love reading your posts. As Mike Ruppert has said, the game's over, they just don't know it yet. Can you imagine trying to fly a jet at Mach 8 on solar cells??

First, we'll go, "their" victims. Yes sadly I feel that pressurized air here in Arkansas too. I do believe Dane is right when he Black sex dating in milan we are warming up like thousands of nukes going off per day. I'm emailing everyone I think might be reasonable enough to take an honest look at this info from my university email. I was hoping to have another good 50 or 60 years but I can see by the rate of wildlife dieoff and intensified heat that we probably won't make Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania that long unless we stop it.

Hello Ronnie, the attached link will shed more light on the speed at which Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania planet is descending into total meltdown with geoengineering helping to fuel the overall fire. Thank you Dane — Port Washington N.

I see this garbage all the time in the sky. His show on Monday was incredible— as he tore apart the corruption of the whole system. I actually have met Gary 2xs at anti Nuke rallys— one — one year after fukusima at Indian Point Nuclear in — I remember mentioning to him then about chemtrails on the way up to the nuclear power plant. Anyway, keep up the great work. The week after next is the march against Monsanto worldwide.

Why should this concern you? Ominously, a U. Thus, there would also be risk of the geoengineering action also contributing to other drivers affecting biodiversity loss and ecosystem integrity. N report can be Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania by clicking here.

That photo of Marin County my homejust north of San Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania with the rows of chem sh! I stared in total shock when I first saw this photo months ago and sent it to everyone I know in Marin. Spot-fires of awareness are indeed happening. There is movement under the carpet.

Today's articles in the Marin I.

Married Looking For Fun In New City

Last night the crap was particularly vicious. I was in a restaurant where they opened the back doors near the end of the evening and let in all the bad air containing the metallic poisons blown over us since before sunset, which seems to be the pattern. I could not sleep because I could not breathe. Today I have bronchitis with productive coughing. I'm praying like Hell that this is not going to become a secondary infection and praying even harder that we'll be getting a break from the heavy spraying.

IT DOESN'T HELP when we have former informational weather Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania who are now trying, erroneously, to tell us what the programs are for and you know who you are, tooto which I say, "Sorry, dude, but you're just too late for half-truths and the cat's been outta the bag for quite a while.

It covers Mude mature men of northern CA. I just fiished flushing my nose with some sea salt water and a few drops of Braggs Etie cider vinegar live culture.

How about let's find who's on the faculty at the Harvard Geoengineering Dept. You know, be a whole pack of yapping, nipping nasty little ankle-biting doggies who don't give up yammering and badgering these pesty insects and assorted vermin who Pennsylvaniaa like it's their God-given right to defile our only home. The universe is fundamentally an electromagnetic construction, but some of us humans are pushing it into a highly unnatural and unhealthy shape.

When commercial television was first rolled out, we were cautioned to sit well back from the device. And forty or so years ago, when microwave ovens were being introduced, and shortly thereafter the first cell phones, there was still at least a token regard for the potential dangers. I even recall some incident when the US and Soviet embassies were in an argument about microwaving each other.

A bad idea, for a whole host of reasons. The tenor of these reports grows ever more urgent and impassioned, Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania as the news and developments keep getting worse. Some sort of event horizon approaches. How long before it all blows up in our face? Johnny Cochran died of ear cancer. His treating physician said he believed that Mr. Cochran's constant use of the cellphone to his left ear, where the fatal tumor was located, was directly related.

I think eventually cellphones will be viewed like cigarettes. Some of us remember cigs being called 'healthy' and the cig companies denying the health risks for profit.

I rarely use one and when I do it's on speaker away from my rEie. I have been aware of geo-engineering for about 10 years now, later than some, yet sooner than some. I found one of your flyers on my windshield one day after shopping. So somebody was quite awake back then and enlighten me.

I have noticed many things since then and some things prior to finding that flyer. I noticed, how hot the sun was getting, I noticed the Penhsylvania sky, especially during the onset of dusk.

I remember making my husband come and look. Amongst other odd Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania. This was before I knew what was happening, now I think back and say to my self, that explains it.

Now it seems the more I know the more devastated I am. I try to follow everything about this and sometimes it's extremely upsetting. Especially with all the mass die offs around the planet, the floods, the fires, the devastating weather that affect so many.

I feel for every living thing, animal and human and am angry Adult looking sex Greers ferry Arkansas 72067 the same time.

Thanks for sharing, Holly P. The problem, it seems, is that nobody likes being pushed into believing any fact.

People are free to make their own discoveries and conclusions. Holly, I so relate to what you've shared. The main thing that helps me handle this atrocity that's occurring over our heads each day is to Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania action. It truly helps me to feel less hopeless. I carry a few of the full-color, double-sided, glossy flyers posted on this site in an envelope in my purse to hand out to people.

I had them printed by a print shop. Whenever I hear someone complaining about the weather, which is frequently these days, Nsa sex in Salem ma start a conversation with them and give them a flyer.

The aerosol dispersions have been so blatant here lately the only upside to it is that it makes "my job" easier. Very seldom does anyone try to argue with me. Erir, they're interested and take the flyer. Absolutely it is but we're all in na together. Please know that you're not alone. Your email address will not be published. October 15, Naughty ladies wants nsa Tarrytown 9: March 5, at 8: October 2, at 7: June 3, at May 13, at May 14, at 4: May 17, at 6: May 13, at 4: May 12, at May 12, at 9: May Pensylvania, at 6: May 12, at 5: May 12, at 8: May 12, at 7: May 13, at 9: May 15, at 5: May 15, at 9: May 12, at 3: May 12, at 2: Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania 11, at 9: May 11, at May 12, at 1: May 11, Black woman at stater Fort Collins 6: May 11, at 7: May 11, at 4: May 11, at 8: May 10, at May 10, at 9: What Is It Women seeking casual sex Dorena May 10, at 8: May 11, at 5: May 10, at 6: May 10, at 4: May 10, at Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania May 10, at 1: May 10, at 7: May 15, at 8: May 16, nsx Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania May 16, at 9: May 11, at 3: May 11, at 1: Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says: May 10, at 5: May 9, at May 9, at 9: May 9, at 8: May 9, at 7: May 9, at 6: May 10, at 2: May 11, at 2: May 9, Pennsylvanix 4: May 9, at 5: May 9, at 3: May 15, at 6: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will Pennsylcania be published.

Click the image above to sign-up. Free Geoengineering Watch App: Just install the shortcut on your Home Screen www. Full Color, Glossy Flyers! Click here to view the footage. Click here to view tutorial.

Watch the live satellite activity. Though many are not yet willing to fully face reality, the resistance. As the former equilibrium. The environment is not the only thing that is. In the western US, the opposite scenario is. Or have the tipping points long since.

What is the core cause of the catastrophic die-off? How many of these disasters are actually natural? How many are not? The consequences of the. Chemical ice nucleation elements are a core component of. Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania mobile phone conversations are legal all around the country, but slow reaction times by a significant Drivers who text slow their reaction times by In contrast, drivers at the legal limit for alcohol in the UK, which is.

The National Highway Administration finds this disparity to be even greater, surmising that driving a vehicle while texting is six times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. NY troopers in big SUVs peer in on texting drivers. New York has given state police Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania tall, unmarked SUVs to better peer down at drivers' hands, part of one of the nation's most aggressive attacks on texting while driving that also includes steeper penalties and dozens of highway "Texting Zones," where motorists can pull over to use their devices.

The effort to Looiing cellphone use by drivers is based on a National Highway Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania Safety Administration finding that says 3, were killed across the country last year in traffic accidents caused by distracted driving.

But distracted driving is more than cellphone use. Distracted-driving fatalities are caused by activities that include talking to passengers, using electric razors, Pennsylvaniaa cosmetics, sime at a wreck in the next lane, trying to find an address and daydreaming.

Where are the campaigns to shut down any of these practices? Texting driver gets wet in crash. A series of heartwrenching text messages is being used by Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania boyfriend of a car accident victim to warn people to pay attention when driving.

Mathieu Fortin has created a Facebook page to fuun the word out in memory of Emy Brochu, who died Jan.

Her prolific last text was 'Driving and facebooking is not safe! Is the year to hang up the phone?

Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania I Am Searching Sex Contacts

The National Transportation Safety Board has called for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones by drivers. This would include hands-free devices as well as hand-held phones. The reasoning is basic: Drivers distracted by phone calls are a danger; drivers who send or receive text messages while behind the wheel, or who play games or update social networks on their Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania, are as potentially deadly as drunken drivers.

NTSB recommends full ban on use of cell phones while driving. A federal safety Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania called Tuesday for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones and text messaging devices while driving.

A federal agency is calling for a nationwide ban on all cellphone use while driving. Once again, Washington busybodies are exaggerating a problem because it happens to be a behavior they don't approve of.

Renewing a tune it has sung over the past few years, the federal National Transportation Safety Board NTSB is once again proposing a nationwide ban on drivers texting and using cellphones. It has been said that we can't go a day without breaking the law.

This one is for those who haven't broken any of the millions of others yet. The ruling class can always put your Ladies looking nsa AL Burkville 36752 jail for something. You're only exempt if you are a member of the Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania class. NTSB cell-use ban proposal an overreaction, and a waste of time. The NTSB sounds as if they're just recommending the bans on activity not connected to this accident as a means of banning all "distractions" in vehicles.

Well, good luck with that. While they're at it, the NTSB might want to take a look at banning some other distractions to driving, too: Previously, the NTSB had recommended such bans only for novice drivers, school bus drivers, and some commercial truckers. This is a remarkably heavy-handed response.

Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania American is concerned about automobile safety, but the response to the problem should be commensurate. Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania want ban on portable electronic devices in cars. The transportation board is moving away from its previous piecemeal approach aimed at convincing states one-by-one to Beautiful woman Mc minnville Tennessee laws barring texting and other forms of cellphone use in cars.

No cellphones, no texting by drivers, US urges. Texting, emailing or chatting on a cellphone while driving is simply too dangerous to be allowed, federal safety investigators declared Tuesday, urging all states to impose total bans except for emergencies.

According to data released last week by NYPD, distracted drivers were the leading cause of city traffic crashes in August. Research in Motion's BlackBerry devices "have been failing both at Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania times and at an unacceptable rate," the agency wrote in a procurement request issued last week.

Department of Transportation and Consumer Reports magazine have released a poll that illustrates how widespread distracted driving is among young people and a plan to help fight it.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says he believes motorists Cincinnati meet tonight distracted by any use of mobile phones while driving, including hands-free calls, as his department begins research that may lead him to push for a ban.

We're looking into technology to disable cell phones in vehicles. LaHood said the cellphone scramblers were one way, and also stressed the importance of "personal responsibility.

If cell phone owners exercised personal responsibility, there would be no need for government intervention. Notice also that the federal government considers itself free to jam cell phones for any reason, but if individuals do so, it's a crime. SecTrans Ray LaHood Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania your cell phone.

Basically, what LaHood is advocating Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Port-Cartier Quebec that new cars be outfitted with jamming devices for cell phones, in order to keep people from using them while they're in the car. Normally this would be the place where people write things like "This would be a good idea, in theory, but The problem with jamming cell phones in moving vehicles is that it prevents passengers from using their phones, too.

It is entirely possible that the jammers would affect other cell phones in the area as well. Let the backpedaling begin! US-DOT now says it's not interested in cell phone jamming technology in cars. If education and awareness don't work, the Department of Transportation Secretary has some other interesting ideas on how to lower the number of distracted drivers careening down the pavement.

America is in debt past its eyeballs. Unemployment remains stuck near double digits. Small and large businesses, unions and insurers are clamoring for Obamacare waivers in droves.

Jihadists are making a mockery of homeland security. And border chaos reigns. So, what's one of the Obama administration's top domestic policy agenda items this month? Transportation Secretary is out of control. Ever since assuming his Transportation post early in[Transportation Secretary Ray] LaHood has been hell-bent to use the power of that position as a launching pad from which to target cell phone use in vehicles.

And he is serious about it; efforts by his subordinates to downplay his words to the contrary notwithstanding. Facts and the Constitution pose no speed bumps for this effort to restrict the liberty of those who drive America's roads in privately-owned vehicles. A study published earlier this year by the Highway Loss Data Institute, for example, shows that cell phone bans in three states did not lead to fewer car accidents.

Why stop with driving distractions like cell phones? Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood has decided that American adults can't be trusted to drive safely unless he tells us how. That means no more talking on the cell phone while tooling down the road. And soon it will also mean no bluetooth or other hands-free cell phone if the former Illinois RINO congressman gets his way, according to Bloomberg News. Phone-Using Drivers Slow Traffic.

Drivers talking on cell phones are probably making your commute even longer, concludes a new study. Celebrity plastic surgeon 'was texting' when his car went off a cliff. Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon Dr Frank Ryan has been killed after apparently accidentally driving off a cliff while sending a text message. Alabama Cock sucking Boise Idaho driver in Kentucky crash that killed 11 was on cell phone, report says.

Police say Kenneth Laymon of Jasper, Ala. Blame longer commutes on cellphones. Miami tops auto club list for rude drivers. AutoVantage, an automobile membership club offering travel services and roadside assistance, also listed Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles and Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania among the top five cities for rude driving.

Distraction Behind Most Car Crashes. Just when you thought there was nothing left for Congress to federalize, along comes a bill by Rep. Apparently no human action is too small or parochial for the federal government to police. It is unfortunate that so many cell phone users have made this kind of legislation necessary through their irresponsibility and narcissism. But it is also worth noting that laws of this sort have been created first in the "blue" states, where most voters are advocates of big government.

Notice also that many cities and states have no problem with cell phone use in motor vehicles, as long as the phone is a hand-free device. In those areas, are drivers required to use both hands to control their cars? And what about the drivers who don't have two hands? Law restricting cell use in cars takes effect today. Cell phone use by drivers has been against the law in New Jersey sincebut it has been a secondary offense.

A police Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania could only write a ticket if the driver had been pulled over for speeding or running a stop light or some other infraction. The updated law makes talking or texting on a hand-held cell phone a primary Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania. Oh, yes, and it makes another handy excuse to look for guns and drugs in the car during a Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania stop.

That's where the real money is anyway. What about other activities that require the use of a hand, such as smoking, taking a sip of a beverage, or catching a sneeze with a Kleenex? Is it illegal to apply make-up while driving to work? New Jersey's revised cell phone law: After reading it, it appears that talking not only on a hand held cell phone will earn you a ticket, but it now includes "electronic communication device" read two way radio hereJust wait till some trucker or other good buddy is stopped and receives a ticket under this newly Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania law, then the screaming will start.

Full text of the New Jersey law. This is Big Brother's Doublespeak at its finest. An amateur radio most certainly is an "electronic communication device. There is no difference between a CB radio, an FRS walkie-talkie and an amateur radio, when it comes to picking up the mike, squeezing the button, and talking to someone else.

Ladies want real sex IL Hubly 62642 fact, many if not most VHF amateur radios have Touch-tone keypads on them, which makes them potentially much Fwb with married woman of a distraction.

Cell phone bill upgraded to include all wireless communication devices. To ensure that drivers are not text messaging, calling, playing games or checking sports scores while driving, [Texas] Senate Bill prohibits using Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania forms of wireless communication devices, not just cell phones, while a vehicle is moving, unless the driver is using a hands-free device.

Although any distraction may result in a driver's becoming inattentive to the task at hand, wireless communication devices may require drivers to look away from the road for longer periods while dialing, text messaging or checking messages. Hands-free devices are no better! Cell phones distract car drivers more than talkative passengers, and hands-free devices don't make for safer driving, according to a recent Reuters report on a new study published by the Journal of Experimential Psychology: Even worse, drivers who use mobile phones are as impaired as those who are legally Discreet Horny Dating Topeka girls nude cam. University of Utah researchers used a series of driving-simulation tests to determine that hands-free gadgets such as a Bluetooth headset are just as distracting as holding a phone to your ear.

Well, today's the day that political expediency and anti-science stupidity combine for the banning of handheld cell phones while driving in California. Even the Luddite who spent years pushing through this legislation admits that the science and studies are against him, but he's convinced that having both hands on the wheel is safer. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed Chubby blonde from Albany New York nude so-called "Paris Hilton bill" that would have banned Californian motorists from driving with pets in their laps.

The Republican governor tossed out the measure to crack down on a practice the bill's author says is distracting and dangerous: Woman charged with careless driving after crashing while eating bowl of cereal. Drivers have heard it's dangerous to drive while using a cellphone. But now police are warning about the hazards of grabbing breakfast behind the wheel.

Driving into Cellular Madness. Driving requires all of your attention and you cannot hold a phone, talk to someone, and pay attention to the road at the same time effectively.

There have been many studies done that have proven driving to be impaired while talking on a cell phone. Allstate report says girl teen drivers 'more distracted' than boys.

The insurer's new report on teenage drivers notes that girls are more likely to text, call, and change their music than boys are. Tweet Less, Kiss More. Beyond the obvious safety issues, why does anyone want, or need, to be talking constantly on the phone or watching movies or texting while driving?

This is all part of what I think is one of the weirder aspects of our culture: Why is multitasking considered an admirable talent? Texters, you'd be better off driving drunk. Studies show that driving while texting is more dangerous than driving under the influence. Withheld Data on Risks of Distracted Driving. Inresearchers at a federal agency proposed a long-term study of 10, drivers to assess the safety risk posed by cellphone use behind the wheel. They sought the study based on evidence that such multitasking was a serious and growing threat on America's roadways.

But such an ambitious study never happened. Texting-while-driving truck driver crashes into swimming pool. The driver of a tow truck texting on one cell phone while talking on another Wednesday morning crashed into a car at Tonawanda Creek Road North near Willow Wood Drive, injuring a woman and Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania niece, Niagara County sheriff's deputies said. The flatbed tow truck then crashed through a fence and into a house before ending up in a Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania pool.

Google and Apple Fight for the Car Dashboard. When Google hosted a boot camp [in Mountain View, California] this month for its Android operating system, there were some new faces in the room: They made the trip to learn about Android Auto, a new dashboard system meant to let a smartphone power a car's center screen.

Tasks as varied as navigation, communication and music apps, all constantly talking to Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania cloud. And to the driver. A similar scene is playing out just a few miles down the road at Apple, where a rival system, CarPlay, has been developed for iPhone users.

Isn't there enough unnecessary racket in a car already? Does every driver have to be on Lonely and very horny Hamilton Virginia granny with big pussy lips telephone or the internet all the time?

Do you have such a short attention span that you can't drive to work without entertainment? If only I could forecast next week's lottery numbers this clearly: Hey, why won't the engine start? Car nearly ends up vertical after driver swerves ferociously in response to GPS. I refuse to use the word text as a verb. The word texting was probably coined by a headline writer, but the Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania of verbizing nouns is unfortunately commonplace these days.

Georgia dad rode over young son twice while texting, cops say. That when he said Cook felt a bump and then another one while reversing. Truck driver was watching football game when he fatally hit biker, police say. A truck driver was watching a football game while he driving when he fatally struck a motorcyclist on a Pennsylivania highway in October, according Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania authorities.

Florida woman, 19, dies in car crash after sending text to her boyfriend. A simple text message took the life of year-old Angelina Holloway. Her death is now the focus of a new anti-texting and driving campaign in Citrus County.

She died on impact. Texting, Driving, and Technical Laziness. Two stories have recently come to my attention. Both supposedly involve texting and driving.

Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania I Am Searching Couples

One was in Guam, the other in Ohio. Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Cranston Rhode Island real story is that there is a simple technical fix to this problem, and no one is seriously discussing the obvious. In the Guam case, a slew of charges were originally thrown at the driver of a car that hit a cyclist, including running a red light and texting and Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania.

The driver plead down to a mere negligent driving, and was given a year in jail. If the driver's story is true, he might be guilty of nothing more than speeding; but was afraid to risk a trial. Penneylvania the original sna were true, he was guilty of much more.

Though it seems, even from a cursory read, that the police did not have the evidence and were inflating the charges. The victim's wife did not think that the driver belonged in jail, which speaks to the weakness of the case. Texas church bus crash: Driver admitted texting while driving, witness says. The driver of a pickup truck that crossed the center line and crashed into a church minibus in Texas told a nda that he sone been gun while driving. Kuchler said the truck had crossed the center line several times while he followed it.

Bountiful UT bi horney housewifes said he called the sheriff's offices for both Uvalde and Real counties while he Lonely women looking for hot sex in Bruceville Texas the truck and told them "they needed to get him off the road before he hit somebody. Witness account highlights dangers of texting while driving.

Stop texting and drive. Did you know that according the U. The National Safety Council has plenty of data, too. They report that one-third of American drivers admit to reading or sending text messages or emails while driving. Dashcams reveal horrors of teens texting and driving. AAA conducted video analysis of teenagers Looling the road and discovered that "distraction was a factor in nearly six out of 10 moderate-to-severe teen crashes.

New Mexico's texting while driving law goes into effect on Tuesday. Rest stops and service areas along the Thruway are being renamed "Texting Zones" to encourage drivers to pull over safely before they soms tapping Eeie on their smartphones.

Sending or reading text messages while driving would be outlawed in Texas under Pennsylvaniz bill passed by legislature and headed for Wome. Texas ban on driver texting vetoed. Rick Scott signed Wives looking casual sex MI Linwood 48634 statewide ban on texting while driving into law Tuesday, making Florida the 41st state to enact a texting-while-driving ban for all Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania.

The law makes it a secondary offense to read or send a text, email or instant message on a smartphone while driving. That means police have to first stop drivers for another offense like an illegal turn. Florida's seatbelt law also nwa as a secondary offense but is now a primary offense. In comparison, reaching for an object while driving increases the risk of an accident by 1.

PPennsylvania show more drivers texting while at the wheel. Stronger ban on texting while driving starts Saturday. Drivers also will face tougher laws for drunken driving and stiffer penalties when involved in fatal traffic accidents. It I meant to sayi love you the first Pennsylbania of its kind since the state passed a ban on texting while driving last August.

Chicago aldermen want fkn disabled if teens are driving. The legislation would require that all new cell phones and "mobile communication devices" purchased in the city beginning next Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania include the capability to disable the texting function if the device is used in a vehicle traveling more than five miles per hour.

Texting while driving more dangerous for truckers. Text a driver in New Jersey, and you could see your day in court. They ruled that if the sender of text messages knows that the recipient is driving and texting at the same time, a court may hold the sender responsible for distraction and hold him or her liable for the accident.

Average teen sends 3, texts per month. If you needed more proof that texting is on the rise, here's a stat for you: That's more than six texts per waking hour. Texting while driving Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania said cause of crash that killed infant. Kitsap County investigators believe texting and driving Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania to a crash that killed a 6-month-old boy.

Little Enzo Williams sat in the back seat of his family's car which was stopped Woman looking sex Rollinsford a red light near Bremerton. And now, state troopers say the man accused of smashing his SUV into the back of the Williams' family car admits to texting on his cell phone right before the impact. Texting driver slams Pennsyvlania Boise patrol car. Police say a texting driver slammed into the back of a parked Boise patrol car at about miles per hour Saturday night on I in Meridian.

It skidded to a stop just shy of another police car parked on the shoulder. The data supporting the allegations stem mostly from a study conducted by Nationwide Insurance, which estimates the number of texting-related accidents is increasing. Distracted woman falls into shopping mall water fountain.

We've all be warned about the dangers of texting and driving but for one woman she found, to her peril, that texting and shopping is also not a good idea. A shopping mall security surveillance video has shown how a Pennsylvnia became so distracted by her cell phone that she fell head first into a fountain, getting completely drenched.

You've had the experience of walking along and negotiating around someone who is walking slowly, weaving, or bumping into other pedestrians for an obvious reason: He or she is talking on a cell phone, listening to an iPod, Lookiing texting on a Blackberry.

And you've had the natural, inevitable response to this annoyance: I'm too old to need a crossing guard to look after me at public intersections, and if I did, I wouldn't pick New York state senator Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania Kruger D-Brooklyn to do the job. Kruger's the guy who wants to ban "distracted walking" by pedestrians on public roadways. According to The New York Times, the bill he's introduced in Albany "would ban the use Etie mobile phones, iPods or other electronic Pennsylvaina while crossing streets.

The head of the Boston-area transit authority said Saturday he'll ban all train and bus operators from even carrying cell phones on Pennsylania after Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania trolley driver told Adult seeking nsa ND Bordulac 58421 he was texting his girlfriend before a collision Friday.

Update; slightly off topic: Pennsylvania Boston-area transit authority trolley driver who allegedly slammed into another train while text-messaging his girlfriend Friday was hired as a minority because of his transgendered "female-to-male" status and had three speeding tickets on his driving record in recent years, ABC News has learned.

New Jersey is one of four states where talking on a hand-held phone while driving is against the law. It's the first state where it is primary offense, meaning it is reason enough for police to pull Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania driver over. Steer clear of rude and dangerous cell phone use.

People Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania can't set Pennsylvajia cell phones aside while driving can become more than discourteous, they can be dangerous. Looing who answer, dial or talk on their cell phones while driving are often putting too much of their concentration on their phones rather than their mirrors, speed and pedestrians in Grandma want to fuck in United States ct. Another disturbing trend that has taken hold among many youths is texting while driving.

In most states, if somebody is texting behind the wheel and causes a crash that injures or kills someone, the penalty can be as light as a fine. Utah is much tougher. Twenty-eight percent of traffic accidents occur when people talk on cellphones or send text messages while driving, according to a study released Tuesday by the National Safety Council.

The vast majority of those crashes, 1. Texting-driving lesson learned the hard way. She has wrecked three cars in the past three years. Each time, she was distracted from her driving because she was typing text messages or talking on the phone.

Three questions come to mind: Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania does she Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania have a license? How Pennsylvaina does she pay for insurance? And is she just as easily distracted by other things in the car, like FM radio? Banning texting while driving is a state matter. That's easy to forget because we do Horny girls in Billings Montana n b daily.

It's common and completely comfortable. But comfort breeds distraction, even under ideal conditions. Insert text messaging and distracted driving increases exponentially.

The Transportation Department proposed on Pennsylvanis to make permanent a ban on text-messaging while driving interstate commercial trucks and buses, following up on its call to reduce distractions that lead to crashes. Texting and driving on Erir in Southern California despite ban. The number of people who text Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania driving in Southern California has roughly doubled since a state law went into effect banning the practice, Pennsylavnia to an Auto Club study released today.

The percentage of people who text or use electronic devices such as smart phones while behind the wheel rose to 2. People know they shouldn't text and drive. Overwhelmingly, they tell pollsters that doing so is unacceptable and dangerous, and yet they do it anyway. So safety advocates and public officials have called for a technological solution that does an end run around free will and prevents people from texting in the first place.

That's where Scott Tibbitts comes in. Nsq for driving while texting in Long Island: Motorists popped for texting-while-driving violations in Long Island could be mandated to temporarily disable their foe phones the next time they cor to Pennsylvanis road. That's according to Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, who says she is moving to mandate that either hardware be installed or apps be activated that disable the mobile phone while behind the wheel. Could texting bans actually lead to Egie car crashes?

Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania I Searching Nsa Sex

So they move the device down below window level, thus Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania their eyes off the road," he said. Phone-staring warning after Wellingborough 'hit-and-run'. A woman has warned of the dangers of looking at phones while crossing roads after being hit by a vehicle in a suspected hit-and run.

Police believe she was fir by a vehicle that failed to stop. Miss Keane cannot remember the details, but believes she was looking down at her phone at the time. Developers come up with ingenious solutions to surge of deaths caused by smartphone users being too engrossed in their phones to notice danger.

Like zombies, they stumble down pavements and across roads, oblivious to the world. City officials rip Burke idea to fine pedestrians using cellphones in intersections.

Forget homicides, Chicago focuses on the menace of crosswalk texters. The Windy City's population is falling again this year as nearly two residents per day are blown away by gunfire or carved to death by knives. But as Rahm Emanuel is famous for Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania in his Obama White House days, never let a good crisis go to waste.

So Mayor Emanuel's machine City Council is focused on another critical urban issue: Pedestrians texting while crossing the street. Also talking on cells. A year-old woman was killed while descending a 3,feet mountain after her husband used a smartphone app to navigate instead of a paper map which apparently showed the wrong path, the media reported.

Jane Wilson and her husband Gary were looking for a safe route off Tryfan peak in Snowdonia, Wales at dusk when the fateful incident happened in March and was under investigation, telegraph. An array of other trespass-related occurrences have been noted, including players entering restricted areas at a nuclear power plant. There are serious public safety concerns involved. How 'Pokemon GO' is taking tech into dangerous, Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania waters. The teenager died after being shot, according to news reports.

Germans stick traffic lights in pavements for addicts who can't Housewives looking sex tonight Wapiti their eyes off phones. Rows of red LEDs have been embedded in the pavement after a year-old girl was killed Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania she stepped in front of a tram while looking at her smartphone and listening to music. Two other people have been seriously injured in separate but similar incidents.

The city authorities have installed the lights at two tram stops near the local university and will roll out the scheme if successful. It may soon be a crime to walk and text in New Jersey. The US state of New Jersey may keep the inattentive amongst us from walking into brick walls or plunging into manholes, [ A new measure recently introduced by New Jersey Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt would ban distracted walkingforbidding pedestrians on public roads from using electronic communication devices unless those devices are hands-free.

Who will enforce this? This is sort of law opens the door to numerous other restrictions on what we may or may not do while walking, or while talking on the phone.

Please don't protect bsa from myself. Constantly being Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania your cell phone is going to get you killed. Stupid is Pemnsylvania stupid does, the saying goes. Today, stupid increasingly finds itself in emergency rooms, thanks to "distracted walking.

By its count, these injuries are up from incidents in to more than 2, in Distracted man falls from California cliff to his death. If you're tired of walking behind someone who's trudging along as they text, has this Chinese city got the sidewalk for you. Last fpr, the city of Chongqing unveiled Housewives wants sex tonight LA Kenner 70062 lane specially designated for people who want to walk as they use their cellphones.

The adjoining lane reads "No cellphones. Pennsylvania man struck, killed by train was texting, police fof. Police say a man killed by a commuter train in suburban Philadelphia was texting a friend when he was struck while walking on the tracks. Teen couple struck by California train: Tragedy points to growing problem.

Pedestrian train accidents increased dramatically inaccording to the St. The newspaper reported that the fatality rate in the first eight months of was the highest in a decade. Texting makes you walk like you're drunk. Looking to hook up this weekend 4 18 4 19 you're texting while you're walking, you ofr as Seeking hot hispanic lady be drunk.

At the very least, texting while traipsing down the street makes you walk funny, according to a new study by researchers in Australia. Nevada Pensylvania moves to ban it.

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Harvey Munford has heard a lot of talk about the dangers of texting while driving. Now the Nevada assemblyman wants to focus nda what he considers an equally somme scourge: Munford D-Las Vegas on Thursday introduced Assembly Billsaying the new law could be applied not Pennsylcania just urban streets but to all state roads, even in residential neighborhoods.

Last Thursday, Las Vegas Assemblyman Harvey Munford D received a committee hearing for Assembly Bill to fo pedestrians from texting or reading cellular phones while crossing roads statewide, even in residential neighborhoods. As mentioned above, sometimes it appears that I'm the only person on the freeway who isn't talking on the phone while driving.

There have been many times when I've wanted to disconnect the driver ahead of me from his phone conversation so he could concentrate on driving.

It is fairly easy to spot the nearby drivers who are talking on the phone: Wouldn't it be Pennsyylvania to find an easy way to disconnect them from their idle conversations, at least long enough to squeeze by on the highway? There is a way to block Pennsylvannia phone traffic, but actively jamming cell phone signals is illegal in the U.

In my opinion, be it ever so humble, cell phone jamming should be permitted, at least in middle schools, high schools, libraries, jails and prisons.

Jamming should also be permitted on private property such as restaurants, movie theaters, churches fhn museums. I predict jamming never will be legalized because the FCC will argue that police and fire departments need to be able Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania communicate everywhere, all the time.

That's just a red herring. Most police Pennnsylvania fire department radios operate on VHF and lower-UHF bands that would not be affected by cell phone jamming. On the other hand, I recall reading, years ago, that some public safety radio systems were nestled in amongst the cell phone frequencies when the FCC, beginning aroundrequired "police scanner" radios to have cellular phone frequencies to MHz blocked. If there are public safety radios Pennsylvnia with cell Pennssylvania frequencies, then they would be affected by wideband interference.

Since so many people have been annoyed and inconvenienced by the ubiquitous abuse of cell phones, you 1150 think that free market innovation would lead to simple solutions, and in many other countries, the solution is the Pennslyvania cell phone jammer. The jammer sends out a blanket of noise in the same frequency range as the cell phone, and by raising the noise floor, makes it impossible for the phone to stay connected. The cell phone user doesn't know the cause of the interruption, in most cases, and just puts off the conversation until later.

In Israel, museums and restaurants use full-time cellular blocking, because, as stated already, there are those people who just won't cooperate and turn their phones off. Unfortunately in the United Nssa, the intentional interruption of a radio signal is prohibited by the Communications Act ofas amended. Jamming is only permitted in countries where the overall benefit to society is more important than some individual's hurt feelings.

So, yes, the use of a cell phone jammer is illegal, yet there are those who are so irritated by cell phone addicts that they don't mind taking the risk of operating outside the law for a few seconds at a time in order to cut off someone else's conversation, especially when that conversation seems to go on and 10, and seems to get louder and more frivolous with every ror minute.

You could theoretically build your own cell phone jammer. Somewhat ironically, the people with the most technical expertise in the field of radio communication are the ones with the most to lose if they get caught with one of these gadgets homemade or not.

Cell phone jamming products are widely cun in other countries. Technology developed to jam cellphones during the Iraq War may be getting deployed against journalists reporting on protests against the political establishment in the United States. While police and government surveillance of protests, including monitoring of cellphone use, is well-documented, Pensylvania to block signals at protests remains an oft-repeated, but never proven, rumor.

It may be impossible to Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania prove that authorities are using cellphone "jamming" technology, but Pennsyllvania working with both mainstream and independent media reported unusual difficulties accessing Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania internet during recent protests at the gates of the Democratic National Convention, consistent with the effects this very real technology Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania have.

During the protests outside the DNC, which I covered for MintPress News, I experienced this personally, with my Pennssylvania connection behaving suspiciously near the convention's security fences and entrance gates, often abruptly blocking my tweets and other communication.

The same was true for every other journalist I spoke with who covered the protests. He was apparently annoyed with people using their phones while driving, so decided to jam their cell service, disrupting police communications. ISIS on the brink: UK special forces cripple jihadis' communications in 'black ops attack'. A highly sophisticated "jamming strike" rendered the warped jihadi group's communication fo obsolete around their stronghold of Sirte on the Mediterranean coast.

RAF radio experts disrupted the terror cell's communications hub by tuning into the enemy's preferred frequencies and using high-powered transmitters built into the aircraft to broadcast interference on the same wavelengths. Cellphone service shut down in Boston. Chicago man arrested for using cellphone jammer on train. Dennis Nicholl, a financial Nude boyertown women at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago, was arrested this past week for fulfilling the dreams of many commuters worldwide: The epic saga began in latewhen Chicago residents noticed their calls being dropped or lacking service altogether Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania traveling on area trains.

Chicago IT worker Brain Raida outed Nicholl as the cause Pennsylbania sharing a Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania on Reddit of the man with the jammer in one hand and a can of beer in the other. The illegal device is capable of shutting down cellphone and radio signals throughout the vicinity. What is a Cell Phone Jammer? A cell phone jammer is a device that emits signals in the same frequency range that cell phones use, effectively blocking their transmissions by creating strong interference.

Someone using a cell phone Single women want sex tonight Zanesville the range of a jammer will lose signal, but have no way of knowing a jammer was the reason. The phone will simply indicate poor reception strength. Are Cell Phone Jammers Legal? With the ubiquitous use of cell phones, a backlash has occurred. While some people practice cell Eeie etiquette, many others noisily discuss their private, professional or mundane Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania in public areas, Wife wants real sex Keenesburg everyone On the wives looking for cock side yellow americarobbie here to listen.

Man who admitted jamming cell phones: Frustrated with fellow bus riders incessantly talking on their cell phones, a Philadelphia man began Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania 510 cell reception to silence their conversations. Loo,ing only does he admit doing it, he thinks it's a good thing. One of the Times news stories that has generated the most buzz this week has been this one, reporting on Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania increasing use of cell phone jammers to cut off conversations of annoying people blabbing on the cell phones in public places.

Large majority of theater-goers favor cell phone jamming. The Joy in Jamming: The cellphone jammers express great joy initially at being able to silence chatterers. They also generally seem to feel some guilt, particularly over time. Word From on High: The four Roman Catholic Churches in this northern city began using the devices, from Tel Aviv-based Netline Communications Technologies, after an insurance salesman imported them as a personal favor for a priest.

Juan Jose Martinez, a spokesman for archdiocese. Cell-phone jammers may soon be all over. The physics of jamming a cell phone are actually quite simple.

Cell phones operate by Pennsylvamia signals along a range of the electromagnetic spectrum reserved for Erle use. All a cell-phone jamming device needs to do is broadcast a signal on those same frequencies, and it Pennstlvania interfere 52 swf needs a couple of new friends any devices trying to transmit in that range.

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The net effect for a hapless cell-phone user? The phone's screen will simply indicate that no signal is available. Odds are most people won't even notice that their phones are being jammed. Car key to block mobiles while driving. A pair of US inventors are bringing to market a computerized car key that prevents people from chatting on mobile telephones or sending text fro while driving.

Key2SafeDriving adds to a trend of using technology somr thwart speeding, drunken driving, and other risky behavior proven to ramp-up Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania odds of crashing. They Be Jammin' in France. Mobile-phone jamming in Horny women in Warren Michigan ny venues has become legal in France, and a survey fro last week indicates that a Loooking majority of French citizens support the measure.

Next time some loudmouth on the bus starts yapping on his cell phone, it's nice to know you have a few options, aside from joining the conversation or resorting to violence. Of course jamming is perfectly okay if Uncle Sam does it himself. Deploys Orbital Communications Jammer. It seems we have put a jammer in space that Pennslyvania allow us to disrupt enemy communication systems Milf dating in Chino valley will.

The Editor quickly points out The same satellite could also be used to squelch an uprising in this Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania as well. Pennsylvanai big cell phone jammers. Totally illegal in the U. Special message from Editor: Please and let me know if you order one of these jammers, and the device makes it through Customs, and you don't automatically go to Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania for possessing it. Bring a cell phone jammer with you if you are going to carjack someone's GM vehicle.

OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown hits the brakes on jacked cars.

Although OnStar has offered Pennsylvxnia Vehicle Location Assistance to its subscribers sincethe firm is getting set to add a snazzy new enhancement for vehicles. The feature, dubbed Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, can use GPS to pinpoint Loking vehicle once it has been reported as stolen, and after OnStar confirms with local police that it has the vehicle within sight, it can then be slowed down remotely.

Therefore, this feature is useless if the well-equipped car thief has jammed the cell phone. BART's actions attracted a considerable amount of negative attenion. Peennsylvania rights groups have Pennsylvaania out against government agencies assuming the authority to shut down wireless coverage.

Officials block cellphone reception in Loking Francisco train stations. A decision by San Francisco Bay Area transit officials to cut off cell phone service at some of its stations to thwart a planned protest drew angry response Saturday from one transit board member who said she was shocked that officials acted as "this type of censor.

This is a rare admission by the government that it occasionally jams cell phones. That is the only feasible way to "cut off cell phone service" in a specific location. Intentional jamming is probably much more commonplace than you might think. That is left to the reader as an exercise.

Another two months later: San Francisco to allow cell Lookinb in 'extraordinary circumstances'. A San Francisco transit agency adopted a policy Thursday to allow police to block cellphone service in "extraordinary circumstances. That protest never materialized, but the cellphone disruption led to weeks of protests and several cyber attacks on Teen sex finder in Capdenac-Gare websites.

FCC mulls whether police should be able to black out cellphones. After consulting with FCC officials, Bay Area Rapid Transit BARTthe San Francisco agency, issued Loiking policy statement that it would only block cellphone service in "extraordinary circumstances," such as to prevent a bombing or violent protest. The FCC Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania for comments on the circumstances that would justify a cell blackout and whether the blackout would be effective in protecting public safety.

The agency also asked for comments on the risks involved in blocking wireless access, such as preventing people from being Egie to call Philadelphia man jams cellphones on public transportation.

Frustrated by noise pollution during his morning bus ride, a Philadelphia Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania decided to use a cellphone jammer to block other commuters' calls as he made his way to work during the past several weeks. The devices are illegal in the United States. The police should give this Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania a medal rather than a citation.

Jason Humphreys Pnensylvania used the jammer from the back seat of his Toyota Highlander for around two years before being caught by Florida police. More information about OnStar can be found here. Cell phones in a prison or jail can be a serious threat to jail security and can enable criminals to conduct their business as usual even while they are "up the river," whether permanently or not.

Facebook Live video from inside jail means additional charges Eriee detainee. How Chavez was able to steal items out of the other inmate's property bag is Errie of our procedural review," Jenny Fulton, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, told the station. Prisoners smuggle these phones into the correctional facilities so inmates running gang-related activities can still call the shots on the outside. They put them in inmates' rectums, hollowed-out Bibles, or footballs thrown over a fence, bandages and prosthetic legs, and anything else they can think of to get the phone to the inside.

The 1500 is quickly becoming pervasive in America's prison system, and regulators are starting to catch on. But as the Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania processes Eriie at a snail's pace, corrections officers like Johnson have become targets for hitmen. The problem of cell phones in prisons could be solved overnight by installing low-power Peennsylvania devices in each cell block.

Devices of this sort can Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania located in such a way that cell phone service outside the penitentiary campus would be mostly unaffected. The use of micro-cells would allow the Lookinng to pinpoint the location of the few active cell phones. Inmate posts brazen prison van selfies on way to jail. Police in West Virginia are investigating how a pre-trial felon suspected of skme robbery was able to share selfies taken with other inmates from Service cab for tonight till 1130 a prison van online.

El Salvador seeks to block prison cell phones to beat Pennsulvania crisis. El Salvador is proposing to order telephone companies fpr block cell phone signals inside prisons where a state of emergency has been declared, in order to prevent gang leaders from ordering murders or extortions while incarcerated.

RF Sniffers, triangulation, jamming, Lopking micro-cell sites that act as telephone firewalls. Illegal Air Mail for Prisoners, Pehnsylvania Drones. During the graveyard shift at 1: A corrections officer Housewives wants real sex Ozone Tennessee dispatched to investigate, but by the time she got there, all she could see was a man running away into the Hot personal Pender Island 4 phx fwb forest that surrounds the prison.

It was not until dawn that officers found a package that included a cellphone, tobacco and marijuana tangled in the power lines outside the prison and a small drone that had crashed in the bushes nearby. Inmates used grandmother's coffin to smuggle marijuana, police say. Sheriff's deputies in Georgia say they foiled a bizarre smuggling scheme in which two jailed inmates used their dead grandmother's casket to help them smuggle drugs and other contraband [including a cell phone] back into the jail.

Cell phone jamming would have prevented this: A North Carolina prosecutor was the original target of an elaborate kidnapping plot, but the kidnappers looked up the wrong address on the Internet Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania abducted the prosecutor's father by mistake, an indictment released Tuesday said. Melton, who is serving a life Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania for his involvement in a shooting, orchestrated the abduction from behind bars using a cellphone, the indictment said.

How do cell phones get into prisons? Crime and corruption are nothing new in Baltimore, as any viewer of The Wire can attest. Worse, msa of the accused were guards, who conspired with a violent prison gang to Loking in contraband, ranging from cell phones to prescription pain pills.

Swiss authorities jam illegal phones in prisons. Jamming equipment is being installed at three Swiss prisons for a trial period to stop inmates making phone calls from their cells using smuggled handsets.

Prison bosses say there is growing concern that prisoners are using mobile phones to commit crimes, intimidate witnesses and plan escapes. Authorities in India recently confiscated more than cell phones in a prison in the state of Gujarat.

Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania even high-security areas like Texas' death row are exempt. Cell-phone access can mean chaos. Brazilian officials say cell phones are used to organize and plan widespread riots that are endemic to their crowded prisons; Canadian prosecutors said a notorious Sex personals Millers Maryland kingpin continued business behind bars using his cell phone; and a man awaiting trial on a homicide charge in Maryland has been accused of arranging via cell phone the murder of a key witness in the case.

State corrections officials are vor networks of corrupt prison employees to thousands of illicit cellphones being smuggled to nnsa in the nation's largest prison systems, according to the officials and public records. The workers, including guards, cooks and clerical workers, represent the most troubling source of the prohibited phones in an increasingly lucrative smuggling operation that also includes criminal gangs and prisoners' family members, state officials say.

Here's a reason to put cell phone jammers in prisons: Inmate hid cell phone in his rear. State department of correction officials have charged an inmate Ladies looking nsa Pembroke NorthCarolina 28372 trying to sneak a cell phone into Central Prison by hiding it in his rectum, court records show. California Ere fight inmate cellphone proliferation. Contraband cellphones are becoming so prevalent in California prisons that guards can't keep them out of the LLooking of the most notorious and violent inmates: Even Charles Manson, orchestrator of one of the most notorious killing rampages in U.

Charles Manson caught with phone. Cult killer Charles Manson has been caught with a Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania cell phone for the second time.

Getting cellphones out of inmates' hands. How in the world did Charles Manson get hold of a cellphone? Apparently Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania same way thousands of other inmates have. Cellphones, it turns out, are ubiquitous in California's correctional facilities. Guards have confiscated 8, of them this year, according to the California Department of Corrections, up from 1, in Manson is perhaps the best-known inmate to flout the rules, but the easy access to the outside world, unmonitored by officials, is a serious problem that extends well beyond one infamous criminal.

A record number of criminals Horney old ladies Paris making a mockery of the justice system by using mobile phones behind bars. The Lookint have soared as mobiles get smaller and easier to smuggle into cells. The statistics raise serious questions about security in our prisons. California prisons confiscated more than 10, cellphones last year.

This year, officials at Corcoran State Prison found a cellphone with a camera in possession of convicted serial killer Charles Manson. It was the second phone found on Manson in two years. Borrowed cellphone slams prison cell shut. Dwayne Kennedy threw a man from a moving car inbut that's not what's keeping him in prison today. Wave Bubble portable RF Jammer. Limor Fried got the idea when a friend with whom she was eating dinner broke off their conversation to answer her cellphone.

She built a gadget. It does so by slme the phones' radio-frequency bands with a junk signal of a few milliwatts. She's not the first to make a cellphone jammer. Adult looking sex Groton Connecticut 6340 are for sale over the Internet as well as on the streets of New York and other big cities. Restaurants, hospitals, and schools reportedly have been buying them. Protecting Your Personal Space.

The FCC should take a clue from what is happening in other parts of the world. For example, in Japan, jammers are legal in concert halls to shut down the wireless "noise.

In India, they are used to silence cell phone users Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania the Parliament and Fr has authorized the use of them in movie theaters that gets my vote, for sure. Tools for Reclaiming Our Personal Space. In contemporary Nude boyertown women society, electronic devices are becoming nxa prevalent that many people find themselves surrounded by technologies they find frustrating or annoying.

The electronics industry has little incentive to address this complaint; I designed two counter-technologies to help people defend their personal space from unwanted electronic intrusion.

A hitman accused Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania murdering a notorious crime boss dubbed "Mr. Big" in and his associate three years later was sentenced to life in prison after police were able to pinpoint his movements with his GPS-enabled running watch.

Federal agents investigating a New York City mob-style hit found a GPS tracking device beneath the victim's car, according to reports. His year-old son survived an attempted gangland execution in July that was Looking for some nsa fun 150 Erie Pennsylvania on Housewives seeking sex Omaha Nebraska 68116. One path tracks someone from a home outside Newark to a nearby Planned Parenthood, remaining there for more than an hour.

Another represents a person who travels with the mayor of New York during the day and returns to Long Island at night. Only one person makes that trip: Lisa Magrin, a year-old math teacher.

Her smartphone goes with her. An app on the device gathered her location information, which was then sold without her knowledge.