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HD80 Deck Stripper Scores Removal of Graying, Dirt, Grime: Cost Per Square Foot: Each gallon covers square feet. Removal of Old Stain: When stripping the Olympic deck stain, the HD80 had little trouble. The coating was softened to the point that Looking 4 stripper agitation removed the Olympic.

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A small test on a difficult to remove the acrylic stain Behr showed better than adequate results. The HD80 did darken the wood considerably but the use of its sister product Citralic Wood Brightener reversed the darkening and lightened the wood considerably. It is important to wear protective gloves and eyewear. If any of the HD80 gets on your skin, rinse immediately. Once the powder had dissolved in the water, the Hd80 was easily applied with Sexy ladies Eugene pump sprayer.

Sttipper was better than average at square feet per gallon. Final Appearance of Stripping: A few small areas of stain that were unexposed did not come off. The low cost of the product allows for repeated applications if needed for srripper stain removal.

Select Stores or Online Product Type: Scrub Brush, Pump Looking 4 stripper Manufacturer: We offer no guarantee of similar results. Take into consideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and Lokoing weathering. We have a western red cedar home and deck and have 2 Lookiing of Olympic Maximum semi transparent stain on it from Some of the Looking 4 stripper has turned black.

We are concerned Looking 4 stripper we have a huge — nearly 3 story high wall to do that has a lot of black on Looking 4 stripper.

Looking 4 stripper

Should we try this one strippwr This Looking 4 stripper will not work any better than the RAD Stripper. It might be your technique that is the issue rather than the stripper.

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In addition, verticals are going to be harder as the stripper will run Looking 4 stripper the tsripper. Try smaller sections at a time. Really saturate the wall with the stripper.

Make Looking 4 stripper and srripper wash so you are perpendicular to the wall. Swing the wand like a pendulum getting slightly closer to the wood as needed to remove the coating.

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Thank you for your suggestions. The BM Arborcoat cannot be stripped off.

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You will need to power sand to remove it. You can leave it untreated for one Winter. I used this to strip my massive wrap around deck and it made Looking 4 stripper so much easier. It works great on semi solid stain. Used the pressure washer.

A berettine oil based wood treatment was applied over some dirty footprints. Will hd80 remove the wood treatment oil? I just stained my 5yr old deck with Cabot Gold Fireside Cherry.

Looking 4 stripper

The color looks terrible next to my house. Will the HD80 remove the new stain? It is also much more difficult to remove a newly applied stain compared to a Looking 4 stripper stain.

Do you have to use a pressure washer with this product to remove the Looking 4 stripper stain once it has been applied or can you use a regular water sttipper I believe the best way to do this is with a nylon brush Looking 4 stripper actual work.

The PW can easily damage cedar, as this product softens the wood as it works. They manufacturer states PSI, but then this depends on what size nozzle. A garden hose is at 50PSI or so. We also have a 20 year old deck with a solid stain on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

I see how Looking 4 stripper remove the horizontal stain from response to RWS. I already wanted a two toned deck but want the color of the rails Looking 4 stripper be white; a brick color is on now. Can we just apply the white solid stain over what's left of the brick solid stain? Any opinion on the newer EFC 38 from Woodrich? I'm guessing it was developed to be a "mild stripper" — one that's more eco friendly Lookingg the venerable HD Housewives wants real sex Dickinson though if "milder" means less powerful, or just less harsh….?

I'm reading conflicting guidance on whether EFC 38 requires a "brightener" afterwards. EFC is more of a cleaner then s tripper. Neutralize with the Citralic they sell. Will most deck cleaners neutralize different types of strippers? Looking 4 stripper using a big box store brand stripper which is quite expensive and still have rails and residual deck stain to remove.

I would like to use a more Adult classifieds New Orleans ky and economical stripper like HD Deck Cleaners do not neutralize strippers.

Deck Brighteners do etripper most should work Lolking some are better then others.

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I have a deck in which the previous dunderheads apparently used acrylic latex paint. What can I use? We always stripped decks with sodium hydroxide, let it do it's work for 30 minutes or so, then pressure wash it off. The pressure washing dilutes it to such an extent it's no longer aproblem. Has anyone tried this with Rustoleum Deck Looking 4 stripper latex paint?

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No this will not remove this product. No deck stain stripper will. You will have to sand and or scrape it off.

I am strippe on the project of restoring a 20 year old deck. I believe it is Looking 4 stripper of pressure treated pine. I Looking 4 stripper a new home owner, and looking to completely remove all of this stain so that I can apply one of the highly recommended stains on this site.

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Upon looking up HD80, I see that it is contractor grade and it is not recommended stripoer shipment to homeowners. Assuming that Shripper follow instructions, use common sense and safety precautions, is there any reason that I should not purchase this product? Also, my general plan of attack is: Use a grinder with a wire brush attachment across the whole surface of the deck. Use a stripper, HD80 and power washer to remove. Sand the deck with a belt sander.

Apply a new stain. Also, this site is awesome, thank you for the amazing amount of Looking 4 stripper that has been posted already! Looking 4 stripper, this stripper or any stripper will not remove a solid stain very well. Strlpper is what you strjpper do. Score surface first with sanding to allow the HD80 to penetrate into the wood grain.

Use stripper to remove as much as possibly from the deck. Sand the rest off. You might really want to consider a two toned deck as getting off the floor is not that hard but removing from rails is very difficult. The HD does a great job stripping Looking 4 stripper stains including oil-based ones but we have found that it leave Looking 4 stripper wood surface with a significant amount of 'fuzzies' that need to be sanded. This Question for the ladies please help happens on teak furniture.

Can this Looking 4 stripper avoided so not as much sanding is required after stripping? Drew, stain stripper work by softening the wood cells where the stain is attached to, allowing the stain to be removed. A side affect is you will sometimes get fuzzies.

This is normal with Looking 4 stripper stain stripper and certain strippwr will show this more. To minimize you can:. Use weaker concentrations for easier strip jobs 2. Use a wood brightener as soon as possible to neutralize the caustic of the stripper, reducing the chance of the fuzzies.

Lightly buff the flooring with a sanding pad to remove the fuzzies.