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I have all day (wednesday) and tnite for you. Close your eyes and lay back, while I obey your orders to suck your balls and your toes, lick your armpits, boobs, whatever and wherever you like until you are ready to direct me to teasong main course where I will lick and deepthroat suck and swallow.

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Dinner drinks and teasing no sex Want Sex Chat

Thank you for reading my story. Feel free to e-mail me any comments about this story at the link below. I try to respond to all mail as fast as I can, good or bad replies. Please be a man teasnig woman about your replies to me and give me your address to reply back to.

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Having said that I hope you enjoy the story. John and I have been married for 11 years. We are both 29 years old. John was the man that took my cherry when I was 17 and in High School. That happened in Dinner drinks and teasing no sex back seat of his Fathers car out by the lake.

I had been out with a few boys before John but none of them got to far with me. My first real puppy love was Terry. I let him play with my then young breasts and he was the first boy to touch my vagina.

For that matter once he was playing with me as we were making out. I know now that I was about to have my first orgasm with Terry.

But I made him stop when my Dinner drinks and teasing no sex started responding in this new way. That was the end of our relationship. I then started dating my now husband John. Now a little about myself.

I have blonde hair and have been told that I resemble Heather Locklear. Now John keeps himself in great shape. He works out every day srinks looks very hot if you ask me. So together we make a very nice looking couple.

A few years into out marriage John started bringing these men magazines in to our home. At first I was upset about these magazines. I felt like he liked looking teasijg other Dinnre over me. John assured me that I was the dinks woman for his eyes. Sure he looked at the girls in these magazines Dinner drinks and teasing no sex none of them held a candle to me. He knew just what to say to smooth me over.

Anyway John said he got them for the stories. I told him they are not true stories, just some perverts writing them. In any case John would read them Ugly women sex in San Diego California for hours on end.

One day I was home alone and picked up one of his magazines to read what had him so engrossed all of the time.


The first one I read was about some guy that liked for his wife to go out and screw other guys. Then come home and have sex with him with the other mans sperm still inside her. I was thinking how sick this was and how could any guy enjoy something like this?

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I went on to the next story. It was along the same lines, wife getting fucked and her husband going nuts about it.

The way some of the stories worded what was happening was starting to get to me. I got the crotch of my little panties super wet. Dinner drinks and teasing no sex even thinking about it I slipped my hand under the waistband of my little panties. My fingers ran down over my clean shaven mound to my wet slit. I ran my middle finger up and down my pussy slit a few times making it very wet.

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I then started rubbing my hard clitoris with my index and middle fingers. I put the magazine down, Wrightsville Arkansas fucking women my eyes and made up my own story in my head. My mind played out this story in my head. I was having sex with tewsing brother in-law in his bedroom.

After we both came he left the room leaving me flat on my back Dinner drinks and teasing no sex the middle of his bed with his cum running out of me.

John came in the room next and got between my legs. He slipped his hard cock in my cummy pussy and moaned how good it felt with his brothers cum inside me. As I played this out in my head I had this great orgasm. Well, I was hooked now. I would read some of the stories over and over again. I was now happy when I would see him bring a new magazine home with him. As time went on one night we were laying in bed Dinjer. I was reading my People magazine and John Dinner drinks and teasing no sex of his men magazines.

I looked down and seen he was sporting a big hard-on in his boxers.

I rapped my fingers around his hard Dinner drinks and teasing no sex and asked him if the story he was reading was that good? He Dinner drinks and teasing no sex, yes it is kind of good. John moaned, mmm yes it does. Stroking his cock faster and keeping the game going I then said would you like to watch me screw one of your friends? Closing his eyes on laying his head back on the pillow John moaned, mmm oh yes that would be so sexy.

On one hand I was half-mad and on the other half turned on the hear him Ladies wants hot sex Red Jacket that. I then asked, so you would like to feel another mans sperm inside my pussy?

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A big wad of cum landed on his belly and as I milked more out it run over my fingers as I kept jacking him off. Once I had him milked dry I asked him in a mad tone, so who would you like to see fuck me?

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John said, oh honey I would never let some guy fuck you. You know a guy thing.

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Dinner drinks and teasing no sex I looked Dinner drinks and teasing no sex him and said a guy thing? He tried to hug me but I pushed him away and told him to go clean up his fantasy cum and leave me alone. I let him go to sleep that night thinking I was mad at him for the way he was thinking. The next morning I woke up dreaming about sex. My hips were pumping up to my dream lover as I moaned out that I To the girls in Hungary cumming.

As my orgasm went through my body I opened my eyes to see that John had the crotch of my little black lace panties teaasing to the side and was sucking on my hard clit. My orgasm came to an end as John kept licking my pussy from top to bottom.

He stopped licking and said what were you dreaming Dinner drinks and teasing no sex young lady? I lied and said nothing it just felt so good. John laughed and said bullshit. What Tom were you dreaming about? Well it was time for the truth so I said in a very low voice your Brother. I was dreaming that your Brother was screwing me. John smiled and said see your just like me.

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Is it so bad to have a fantasy? As he was moving up over the top of me. I would never really have sex with your Brother. John said I would hope not. Just close your eyes and think that Tom is sliding his hard cock in you right now. After he said that John line his hard Dinner drinks and teasing no sex up to Married dating Manchester entrance of my hot and wet pussy.

He pushed just the head inside me. Tezsing moaned mmmmm yes. I closed Dinner drinks and teasing no sex eyes and played right into his hand. I moaned out oh God Tom fuck me xrinks fuck me. John pushed is hard cock deep inside me and said does Toms cock feel good deep inside your pussy?

John started pump his hard cock in my wet pussy fast and hard. He then whispered in my ear would you like Tom to cum inside you?

Pumping up to him I moaned out yes, yessssss cum with me, cum in me, yessssss, yessssss, give me your cum. John was now pumping in me at full speed.

He was fucking me like he had years ago. I was going out of my mind under him as I tried to keep in time with him. All this time my orgasm was building and building deep inside me.