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Any 5 feet and under ladies 48 Maraba

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I prefer taller men, race doesn't matterI dont smokedrink or do any kind of drugs. ) and down to earth.

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I was standing around on work break with a coworker, another female, and I realized just how tall she is and just how short I am.

This is obviously not a new realization for me - I haven't grown since I was But sometimes, it can be pretty irritating just how short I am! While in college, someone asked a friend of Anj, "Who is that 15 year old and why is she in the college dinning hall?

Any 5 feet and under ladies 48 Maraba Search Dick

And I was 19! Some coworkers mistake me for being 16! I know I'm going to love this when I'm older but it is a bit frustraiting. More than the age thing though, it's just awkward being short! Can't reach things, pants never fit right, shirts are too long, you don't fit in the drivers seat of the car.

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I'm 4'10" without shoes. I think my height is due to a congenital disorder but I've never know for sure.

Yes women in my family are known Marana be short but I'm shorter than the most of them by 4 - 5 inches! I'm still shopping in Juniors myself Which for my age 22 it works out alright, but I suppose as I get older petites will work. I've never found a lot I like because it all looks like "old women" clothes to me.

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Also I have a huge butt and I find that pants made for small people don't take it into consideration! I have a thin waiste but my butt is a big'un. Wish I had some of those big boobs you guys do: I was flat chested until I started birth control and they got a bit bigger!

I was once the shortest, now it's my SIL. Just another Dwarf Clan here! I am 5'11" and when I come around people of your stature I feel like the jolly Any 5 feet and under ladies 48 Maraba giant. I feel huge and awkward.

I am the one that Girls of Vacy mt little old ladies ask to get things off of the shelves because they can't reach them.

I have the same problems you do The grass is always greener! I'm 5ft 2in, ALWAYS the shorty, and I'm almost uncomfortable with people shorter than me adults, I mean, not kidsbecause I'm used to literally 'looking up to people'.

One of my good Ladues from high ladiee is 4'11" I have full sleeve tattoos, but it never fails: I get asked for my hall pass if I enter an elementary school during school hours.

Unless I wear 5 inch heels. I love being a shorty. My 2 'little' brothers, are both over a foot taller than I am!!

They use my shoulders as arm rests. If you look at some of my old posts, I'm always asking 'can a short person wear a pencil skirt? My department at work seems to attract short women. At one point we had 4 women under 5 Easy pussy Rio Rancho tall. The funny thing - they were all in positions of power!

At 5'3" I was one of the taller women running the department. We used to joke about short but powerful and female Napoleon complexes. I'm just under 5!

Any 5 feet and under ladies 48 Maraba

My continued loathing is with pants. Petites are either crazy expensive or look like mom jeans, and everything else is made for super model heights.

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OI come from a long line of short women. My SIL is 5'3 and she's a "giant" in our family! LOL Truthfully, it has never bothered me. I weigh like 98 pounds and I have big boobs. Abnormally long arms and legs for my height. That means, petite sizes are inches too short for me. Not only that, my boobs threaten to bust out laies everything! Finding Ang is darn near impossible. They do NOT make women's clothes for my size.

I'm doomed to shop in the juniors department forever, I'm afraid.

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I don't think I'd want to be a super tall chick with no boobs, who looks old. I'm learning to be Any 5 feet and under ladies 48 Maraba with me: I'm 4' 11" - and clothes shopping is the worst! Like you, I have a tiny waist, but my rear more than makes up for it: Not only am I short, but I'm just plain old small boned with narrow shoulders and skinny wrists.

For sweatshirts, I just gave ladles and start buying 'em in the kids department, but even kids sweat pants are too long on me!

On ladiess plus side, I've always found that people seem more than willing to help you out when you're short. Back in my younger days, it was easy to wiggle my way to the front at concerts and nobody cared becasue I certainly wasn't blocking anyone's view!

My mom is 5'3, my younger brother is 5'4, my dad is 5'6, my older brother is 6' I dont mind my shortness most of the time, the holy cow your short! I'm not under 5 feet but I am barely over it and get tired Sex service Waterton Park getting patted on the head Any 5 feet and under ladies 48 Maraba taller people!!!

I understand your frustrations and issues with the height. I'm 4'11", and I teach high school. Students and teachers are telling me all the time that they think I'm a student. I think it's hilarious.

Any 5 feet and under ladies 48 Maraba I Looking Sexual Partners

I mean really - I'm Are they going to think I'm a student when I'm 60 just because I'm short? I've always loved being short. I'm very small, too, 95 pounds or so. I do have the big boobs issue that others have mentioned, but I buy minimizing bras, and that helps. My husband is 6'2", and I love our difference in height.

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Rounding up I am 5'2. My husband is 6'3 haha, so I always feel short.

My 9 year old son now comes just above my chest, so give him a few more years and it's inevitable that he will in fact surpass me in height. Sometimes pants are awkward on me as well Can be irritating sometimes.

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At least I usually have a tall man around to get ffeet off the top shelf: In my family, my Mom and a sister are short like that. They don't have trouble finding clothes though And capri length pants. Or hem it via a seamstress etc. Here in Hawaii, there are a lot of short people. When anyone Anj reach things, you just find some person in the aisle and ask them to reach it for you.

They just make the request with humor.

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Any 5 feet and under ladies 48 Maraba They fit in Toyota cars per the driver's seat. Think of the phrase uncer but mighty He was a small short man My height is because when your momma's 5'2" and your father is 5'4", you're not going to be very tall.

Clothes pants irritate me the most. Petite Sophisticate was terrific when it was around but uneer My SD is taller than her dad now and I knew very early on I had to teach her to respect age over height.

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And I so hear you on a woman's body and kids' clothes. I don't want super low rise jeans, but I have fset small waist and am not stick thin. Petites seem to cater to the very thin and straight or the old. I'm the shortest in my family at 5'8". My mom is 5'9", my dad is 6'3, my brother is 6'6" any sister is 6' even.